Mystical Orientals from the Occident

I can’t help feeling uneasy around Westerners who fashion themselves as some sort of Oriental mystics. It’s a ‘Disneyland’ rendition of Oriental spiritualism, only Disney tends to do a more accurate represention of the Oriental. What makes me uneasy is that these types invariably seem to go to great lengths to demonstrate how even and at peace they are… and I can’t help the feeling it’s because they need to. Because just underneath the surface is horrifying disorder that could rear its ugly head at any moment. It seems to be normally accompanied by narcissism, a faith even in one’s own supernatural capacity to do good for the spirit of others. That’s just the sense I get from mystical Orientals from the Occident. It would be humourous in a slightly sad way if it weren’t just that little bit scary.

This is not to disparage those who genuinely get spiritual reinforcement from Eastern or alternative traditions, nor to lessen the universal wisdom in anyone’s ancient scriptures, as they all seem to me to hold some. However those inclined to seek often fall in behind the narcissistic self-proclaimed healer or prophet, it’s a natural fit.

Each to their own, and I respect their religious freedom.

From about 3:30 is excellent.

Dragons Abreast


Dragons Abreast

Recovery from breast cancer is multi-faceted and a little complicated and that’s why people need quite some special support post breast cancer. I’m very proud to be involved in this fundraising event and I hope you can show your support by clicking on the link above and popping us a small donation.