As much as it is possible to know a person through the media, I’ve always been unsure about Julian Assange’s person, but I believe his heart is in the right place. The unfair treatment of Assange, ironically, only serves to make him more important than he would otherwise be, and it further de-legitimises an international order discredited by its failure to deliver justice for the crimes of the Iraq War, Abu-Graib, Guantanamo, the Libor scandal, the GFC, and countless other examples of institutionalised greed, theft, criminal violence and mass murder.  

Julian Assange had a voice, irrespective of personal shortcomings, perceived or otherwise. One thing about that voice, they’ve certainly silenced it. Let’s hope it is heard again in the future. 

Pilger is a hero of mine but I had to think seriously about sharing this, as I think he’s had better days. Dare I say it, I’m no longer as confident in him as a champion of the cause. Hard to watch, I reckon.