This ring I wear for you

Take a close look at it, what do you see?

Just a declaration to the world that I am taken?

Could it be more?

A symbol, a circle? Two ends joined to make a whole?

Look closer.

There are ten thousand tiny scratches on its surface

And a few deeper ones

Each one of them capturing a day’s event

A cricket ball thrown, a flower pruned

A spanner turned, a door opened

A guitar chord changed, a jar opened

A keyboard struck, a door closed

The earth tilled, a child caught

A document shuffled, a child lifted

A hand held…

Your hand.

All together a testament to life. My life with you.

Ten thousand otherwise meaningless occurences etched on its surface

that only have meaning

because I shared them with you.

This particular ring…

…is my ring.

It has become a part of me.

It takes quite some effort to remove it from my finger.

When it is gone you can see that it’s missing

I feel a part of me out of place.

Hold it in your palm it says nothing but me.

Throw it far out in the ocean and it says we’re through

Cherish it right there on my hand and it’s the closest we will ever come to eternity.

This ring I wear.

This ring I wear for you.

This ring I wear for you.